The Advanced Diploma of Acting for Contemporary Screen Media is our flagship acting course. It will provide you with the skills required to cultivate a long-lasting career as an actor whether you want to act in Australia or abroad. The Advanced Diploma of Acting is a two-year accredited acting course; completed over four 20-week semesters, four days per week.

Throughout the two years, you will develop core acting skills and you will also explore multiple acting techniques and methodologies. This will allow you to formulate your own individual approach to acting.

First of all, to maintain a robust acting career in today’s industry, you must have more to offer than the ability to ‘act well’. You must have current knowledge of the industry, and the determination and capacity to create your own work. Our aim is to produce excellent storytellers; with a focus on bridging the gap between acting student and industry professional. ISA is the only Registered Training Organisation or acting school in the world to deliver the Advanced Diploma of Acting for Contemporary Screen Media.


To successfully complete the 10130NAT Advanced Diploma of Acting for Contemporary Screen Media acting course, you must complete 13 core units of competency. The units are outlined in the table below:

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The Advanced Diploma was created so as to address the specific industry need of producing employable screen-ready actors upon graduation. In addition to world class acting training staffed by some of Australia’s leading acting tutors and musical teacher tutors, our course is unique for the reason that it focuses on the multi-disciplinary production skills that enable actors to create their own employment opportunities. You will graduate from ISA with the skills to conceive, write, and produce your own creative work, to ‘build your brand’, and to actively negotiate the areas of self-promotion, business and health and well-being.

ISA students are also encouraged to build networks and actively engage with independent projects so as to further their industry contacts and develop their artistic experience. The result of your training will be strong skills in all aspects of acting for screen and stage, detailed knowledge of the current screen industry and the technical ability to generate your own work and opportunities. These skills will be on display during your final semester where you will deliver a showreel and voice-reel and perform in both a graduation play production and a showcase for an audience of invited
industry guests.


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The first semester focuses on the foundation skills to set you up for your training and guide you for the training to come.

Voice, movement, core acting development, working with text, research, and creative process will be developed to give you an understanding of your strengths, weaknesses and make up of your own creative habit.

Another aspect of your studies whilst at the ISA acting school will involve a detailed exploration of the actor’s relationship to all personnel involved in production and post production. Lines of authority, protocols, documentation, professional language and collaborative work practices are key topics.

Special attention is paid to critical personnel who will shape and impact your future performances: (e.g. directors, DOPs, editors).



Your second semester continues the individual skills training and expands upon it with more detailed script and scene work. Through detailed master classes with some of Australia’s finest acting tutors, you will work on a variety of scenes designed to challenge and furthermore expand your ability and refine your technique in rehearsal and performance.

You will then commence detailed camera and broadcast work: topics include coverage, shot composition, lenses, close/mid/long shot, reverses, continuity, cheats, hand held camera, lights, hitting marks, locations, audio technologies. This training will occur in our live production studios because we recognise the need for trained actors to also be trained in film making. The emphasis of this training is on the integration of technical and creative abilities to develop your skills in camera operation, lighting and sound.



Your second year at ISA in the advanced diploma of acting, focuses on integrating the technical aspects of working in screen based media with creative expression.

Voice studies are now linked to audio technologies and studios: Voice-over, ADRs, TVCs, presenting, narration, animation and accent work.

Movement studies including basic stunt work, armoury work, green screen wirework, motion capture, physical animation character work.

Personal work method is developed, focusing on how you develop your skills in preparation and execution of performance.

Major project-Short Film: Working in small groups, students will develop their own short film. Alongside experienced group mentors, students will write, produce, direct and act in 7-minute short films. The project draws together all the training students have received up to this point. Screening of these films will hence form part of the students’ industry showcase.



In your final semester you will commence work in:

Approaching Castings. Industry guests will conduct simulated castings across a wide range of material. Intensive one on one feedback and discussion will support rigorous master classes.

Working with Directors. A range of industry directors will conduct master classes and oversee a range of project material (from TV commercials to film).

Contemporary technology. Using social media and online mediums as both promotional and networking tools and possible avenues to be harnessed for creative projects.

Guests in specialist areas will continue to give seminars / small group work. You will be assisted in preparing a show-reel. The range of formats and ways in which you can use your show-reel will be explored.

Finally, the course will conclude with an Industry Showcase.

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Acting Professional Skills Base

From a professional skill base point of view the most noteworthy skills you will acquire during the 10130NAT Advanced Diploma of Acting for Contemporary Screen Media will be:

  • Self-management and effective time management
  • Implementation of contractual arrangements
  • Professional industry language and protocols
  • Effective and creative functioning in collaborative enterprises
  • Negotiation skills
  • Planning and executing complex projects
  • The ability to express and identify creative processes
  • Resources and methods to continue creative development
  • Effective goal setting
  • High level development of personal methodology in preparation and execution of performance
  • A sound and practical understanding of current and future technological directions in the entertainment industry

Learning objectives

  • Guided in a way that allows you to identify your creative assets so you can achieve maximum expression yet also allows you to undertake remedial work to effectively remove creative blocks, tensions or certainly work patterns that may limit your professional development
  • Skills and knowledge training in line with actual industry practice. Our teaching/learning environment is constructed to provide you with real production studio experience; much of your classwork and assessments will be simulations of how things actually work in the industry and be done in ISA film, sound and editing studios in real time
  • Contract based: this means that you will undertake a contract with your instructors. This enables you to better define goals, motivation, learning outcomes, management and planning skills

Entry Requirements and Application Submission

Applicants must consequently have a suitable level of academic skills in order to study in an Advanced Diploma acting course.

To apply for this course you must complete our acting application. Shortly after you submit your application one of ISA’s friendly staff will be in contact with you to arrange your initial interview, tour and also your audition.

Please see our student entry procedures for even more details.



Course calendar for students commencing in January 2018.

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Course calendar for students commencing in January 2019.
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