Do you have stories to tell? Do you love to collaborate with passionate and creative people? Is acting what you want to do with your life? Do you need guidance and opportunity to ‘make it’?

If your dream is to build a thriving career in the screen, stage and media industry, then ISA is almost certainly the acting school for you.


Applicants must be 18 years old by the commencement of the acting course. As a domestic student, you must have Australian or New Zealand citizenship, Australian permanent residency or similarly hold an Australian permanent humanitarian visa. International students are furthermore welcome to apply to our acting and musical theatre courses– see our international students page if you need to know more about visa application and other requirements for study at ISA.


If you are interested in applying to audition for our acting courses the online ISA Acting Application Form needs to be completed. For further information please visit the Audition Procedures page.


Applicants must have a suitable level of academic skill in order to study acting in the advanced diploma and likewise the diploma courses. Applicants can demonstrate this through either:

  • providing a certified copy of a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education that has been awarded by an agency or authority of a State or Territory of Australia for the completion of year 12; or
  • undertaking an assessment of their competence in reading and numeracy (see below).

For potential ISA students interested in filling out an acting application form, there are no other academic pre-requisites or vocational requirements.

However, ISA also requires that applicants:

  • Be aged 18 years old at the time of course commencement
  • Have effective English language, communication, interpersonal skills, and
  • Have an interest in applying vocal, physical and acting skills to the demands of contemporary and innovative technologies in studio, external locations and digital/internet technologies; or
  • Have an interest in developing their storytelling, production and artistic skills for use in innovative ways across a range of screen formats and platforms.

Applicants will be required to participate in an acting audition, individually and likewise as part of an ensemble.  This is to demonstrate aptitude and adaptability. A panel of core ISA teaching staff will review this acting audition that has a format similar to an acting workshop.


Applicants can demonstrate their competence in reading and numeracy by providing a certified copy of an Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (SSCE). (Each state and territory in Australia has it’s own SSCE – see here for further information.)

ISA uses the Core Skills Profile for Adults (CSPA) to determine reading and numeracy skills.  Applicants are required to complete the test as part of the ISA selection process. Applicants who undertake this skills test will receive their results as soon as possible and before an offer of enrolment is made.

Potential students interested in acting or musical theatre, who hold an overseas year 12 equivalent qualification, or other qualifications including higher education degrees, may be assessed by ISA as having a suitable level of academic skills for studying acting at the ISA – one of Sydney’s premier acting schools.