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The Second Years are proud to present Cardboard Daisies and Better Love Next Time.

They are asking for you to please give generously to help fund their projects.

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The Second Years kindly thank you for your donations and can’t wait to screen their short films for you!

Cardboard Daisies

When Jacob receives some confronting news, he and the gang try and see how much they can really fit into a lifetime.

Meanwhile friendships are tested when the idea of acceptance comes to hand.

Better Love Next Time

Love hits you when you least expect it.

Boy adores girl. Girl doesn’t know. In the end, is it all too late?

Billy has adored Sophia, his local barista, for as long as he can remember.

Unable to string a proper sentence together at the sight of her, Billy finds it hard to muster up courageĀ and take control of the situation.

The situation being him wanting to know this ‘vivacious girl’ who can’t escape his mind.

Having the social pressures of his best mates to take control, Billy can’t help but disappoint someone.

The day comes for Billy to man up.

Will it be too late or will Billy get the girl of his dreams?

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