Morpheus devised by Julia Cotton & performed by ISA First Years

Morpheus – god of dreams and sleep
Morpheus is a devised, movement-based performance presented by the ISA 1st year actors.
The purpose of the devised project is to foster the students’ imagination, to develop their collaborative skills and to empower them as creators as well as performers. As well as coming up with initial ideas they have offered suggestions, found solutions and collectively contributed to the outcome.
Devising a new work is both an exhilarating and challenging process. It is a journey that requires a leap of faith into the unknown.
During the development of this project we have drawn on everything from fairytales to ‘things that go bump in the night’. We invite you to join us in the dark as we enter the surreal, subconscious world of dreams …. and nightmares.

The Five Essential Freedoms of the Individual directed by Kevin Jackson

“Crimp is the antithesis of feel-good, the nabob of angst. Crimp has spent the past 25 years crafting a succession of plays that leave you feeling worse when you leave the theatre than you did when you went in,” writes Charles Spencer.

The International Screen Academy invites you to join us on this twisted journey with our First Year acting ensemble.

This is Part 2 of In the Republic of Happiness by Martin Crimp. (2012)

Performed by ISA First Year Acting Students;
Rhiannon Bateman, Issei Chimura, Britney Dell, Annie Esterhuysen, Lara Harriman, Mia Mathias, Joshua Shediak and Helen Smith.

Directed by Kevin Jackson.

Movement by Anca Frankenhaueser.

Musical composition by Helen Smith.

Supported by Ashley Curry, Jan Goldfeder, Rebecca Johnston and Martin Harper.

For Part Two, there are no assigned roles, and the speeches are chosen at random by the participants. It can be done by any number of actors. We use 8 – 6 women and 2 men.
We then created characters (identity, backstory and relationships) and decided on the Given Circumstances for each of the Freedoms.

Martin Crimp is a British playwright who is notable for the astringency of his dialogue, emotional detachment and a bleak view of human relationships. His plays have, mostly, premiered at the Orange Tree Theatre and Royal Court Theatre in London. He is more performed in Europe than his own country.

Some of his plays seen in Sydney:  A Variety of Death-Defying Acts (1985), Dealing With Clair (1988), The Treatment (1993), The Country (2008), The City (2008) and the most famous and challenging: Attempts on Her Life (1997).

In the Republic of Happiness was presented at the Royal Court Theatre in 2012.

He has also translated many European plays:
The Misanthrope; The Chairs; The Maids; Rhinocerous; and Big and Small, by Botho Stauss , co-commissioned by the Sydney Theatre Company and the Barbican in 2011.





Cardboard Daisies

When Jacob receives some confronting news, he and the gang try and see how much they can really fit into a lifetime.

Meanwhile friendships are tested when the idea of acceptance comes to hand.

Better Love Next Time

Love hits you when you least expect it.

Boy adores girl. Girl doesn’t know. In the end, is it all too late?

Billy has adored Sophia, his local barista, for as long as he can remember.

Unable to string a proper sentence together at the sight of her, Billy finds it hard to muster up courage and take control of the situation.

The situation being him wanting to know this ‘vivacious girl’ who can’t escape his mind.

Having the social pressures of his best mates to take control, Billy can’t help but disappoint someone.

The day comes for Billy to man up.

Will it be too late or will Billy get the girl of his dreams?

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